Ironwood Heavy Highway, LLC was founded in 2003. The initial service offerings were culvert construction, access roads, and site development work. From 2005-2010, Ironwood Heavy Highway, LLC started to focus on electric utility projects. Specifically, the company and its closely affiliated (same owners) company Terry Tree Service, LLC, cleared land, provided access roads, and provided environmental protection for many of the windfarms built in the Northeastern United States.

By the start of 2009, Ironwood Heavy Highway, LLC was a signatory to Local 1249 IBEW and started right of way clearing projects for electric utilities. At the end of 2011, Ironwood Heavy Highway, LLC started to bid vegetation management (transmission and distibution) power line trimming.

In 2013, civil constuction capabilities were added. Services included were concrete, substation construction, and office renovation.

Most recently, we have added gas utility pipeline construction and we have installed over 35,000 lineal feet during the first 12-month period.

Major Projects

  • Auburn Transmission Project (ATP) – 14.1 miles of land clearing, access road construction, matting (over 16,000 mats), and full restoration
  • Circuit 943 Underground 115kv Transmission Duct Bank - 8,300 LF of 12 way concrete encased duct bank
  • RG&E Station 122 – Civil construction
  • Nat’l Grid Mortimer- Lockport – land clearing and matting
  • New Ithaca T-line – Land clearing and culvert construction

Ironwood Heavy Highway, LLC continues to lever its successful history and expand its market footprint.