• Circuit 943 consisted of 8,300 LF 12-way duct bank for 115kv circuits. In addition, there were 6 vaults and trench ran in varying depths of 7-17 feet deep.
  • Auburn Transmission Project (ATP) – was a 14.5- mile new transmission line build. The project involved 45 access roads and over 16,000 timber mats to cross waterways and wetlands.
  • Syracuse, NY Substation – Remove and install 48 concrete piers in an energized substation. The project includes temporary support of existing steel columns while replacing 9 feet deep concrete foundations and T&M work.
  • In 2017, Ironwood Heavy Highway, LLC was awarded approximately 800+ miles of transmission and distribution line trimming awards.
  • In 2018, Ironwood Heavy Highway, LLC has been awarded over 1000 miles in transmission and distribution line trimming.