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  • Notification Acceptance Form - Utility Vegetation Maintenance (Distribution)

  • I accept the following utility vegetation work to be performed on or adjacent to my property:

  • Optional:

  • Disclaimer; This form is solely for your convenience; its use is optional. If you choose not to participate in the use of this form, a representative will attempt to contact you once before proceeding with the utility line clearance work noted in your letter.  By selecting yes to the above and pushing submit you agree to the following; 1. You are in fact the landowner, property manager, or have power of Attorney on the property listed above.  2. That you have received and read the notification letter to its full extent. 3. You understand that Ironwood Heavy Highway LLC is a subcontracted tree company hired to perform work on behalf of the utility company noted in that notification letter 4. You authorize Ironwood Heavy Highway LLC, to perform such work as is detailed in said letter.